6 Best Shoes for Overweight Women in 2022

The overweight is a big problem in the entire world, especially in the USA. Some research showed that 41.9% of females are overweight in the USA.

Having a heavy body itself is a big challenge and finding proper footwear is another big challenge for obese females.

So, you have decided to lose weight, for that you need the best running shoes pair to make you healthier. However, finding perfect and comfortable shoes for fat women is not easy. Because not every shoe is made to bear a heavy body.

For example, shoes should be comfortable, supportive, strong, durable, and soft (not too soft that cannot bear your weight) to comfort you while walking or running.

Thanks to shoes making companies, who have specially made shoes with these features to overcome that problem. Therefore, keeping these factors, we reviewed the best shoes for overweight women.  

Why is it essential to Choose the Right Shoes for the Obese Body?

The daily long-distance walk is a better way to get rid of an overweight body. Walk improves your stamina and helps to burn excessive fat from the body.

Besides this, it makes your body fit. However, walking with a heavy body puts extra pressure on the foot and joint, making the body uncomfortable and leading to pain and aches.

Soft pillow-type shoes are not suitable to bear your heavy body. Therefore, you need to wear supportive footwear.

Quick overview of Best shoes for overweight women


Six Best Shoes for Overweight Women

1. Ryka Women’s Sky Walk

Listing the top best shoes for overweight women, RYKA SKYWALK WOMEN SHOE stays on the top. If you are looking for comfort in your fitness walk, you must get your hands on this dream wear shoe. Its upper fit comprises breathable mesh and pure leather, while the inner lining has a soft cushioning insole. The insole is removable to add to your customized orthotics.

While the rubber outsole is highly long-lasting, supportive, and durable for overweight women runners, besides that, the memory foam with latex liner prevents foot compression.

Forget about the painful ankles, as this athletic shoe is very lightweight, comes with molded EVA midsole to give your feet the comfiest ride.

Moreover, its narrower heel, roomier toe box, and soft-footed, along with the attractive color scheme, make it worth buying sportswear.

For a company like RYKA, with an entire history of designing the most comfortable running shoes for women, getting trendy footwear at this much lower price; is affordable for everyone. 

Considering all the desired features in one product as well as a significant number of 5-star reviews from the customers, we strongly recommend you to include it in your gym wear closet, which also will help in weight loss.


  • Easy to wear
  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight
  • No heel rubbing
  • Do not heat up while running


  • Narrow from the toe box
  • Size issue, you have to buy one size larger than yours.


2. Brooks Women’s Ghost13

A reliable pair of shoes contributes a lot to losing weight with ease; BROOKS WOMEN Ghost 13 is designed to provide all the desired features to be in the top Best shoes for weight loss.

Mentioning the dominant elements, its new DNA LOFT technology has revolutionized the idea of fitness running. Super soft DNA loft provides smooth cushioning during long-distance running while a segmented crash pad extends balanced transitions throughout the feet.

MOREOVER, the upper part is made up of engineered breathable mesh to give a soft and secure fitting. The shoe is so lightweight and does not exhaust your feet while running, whether it’s on plain ground, on a bumpy road, or during gym training.

What do you think about the durability? Here’s the answer, the imported rubber sole is highly stable and will surely last until you achieve your weight goals.

The design of GHOST 13 is focused on resolving all overweight body problems, whether it’s arthritis pain or you need shoes for plantar fasciitis or lower back pain.

It is recommended by many orthopedics due to its excellent arch support and plenty of cushioning to heels. So, think less and get your hands on these perfect athlete shoes for the obese runner.


  • Soft and springy
  • Comfortable during running
  • Fits perfectly
  • Offers top Arch support


  • A bit costly
  • The color scheme is a little outdated

Overall with GHOST 13, you can enjoy a fun and comfortable long run daily.

3. ASICS Women’s Running Shoes

ASICS has been famous for making the best shoes for overweight women for years. In the new ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 20 (D) Running Shoe, comfort comes free with a smooth ride. This dream wear shoe is made up of synthetic fiber with a rubber upper sole.

Its new impact guidance system provides a jerk-freesia long run by adjusting with the foot’s natural gait. In addition, SpevaFoam 45 lasting inner makes you feel like landing in clouds as it is super soft and cushioned.

Don’t worry about your prescribed orthotics; Gel-cumulus 20 is quite roomy for them to fit in.

Its great fitting and enhanced ankle support lead you to cover extra miles than usual. Talking about a fun feature, its reflective material enhances visibility in dark hours.

You can call it a supinator’s dream shoe as it corrects the supination of feet effectively. Support your weak ankles to balance your heavy body by buying this specially designed shoe for overweight female runners.


  • True to size
  • Provides supreme bounce
  • Smooth and soft inner
  • Reflective material
  • Stabilized shape and design


  • It’s a Narrow fitting shoe

Overall, ASICS Women’s Gel shoe gives a funky, cool, and comfortable vibe.

4. Brooks women’s adrenaline GTS 20


One of the best choices for you is Brooks women’s adrenaline GTS 20. it meets all your high expectations from the Best running shoes for overweight females.

From the soft padded insole of the shoe to the modernized fitting, the GTS 20 is pure quality. The way the upper mesh hugs the feet leaves you in awe. The DNA crash pad with Bio Mogo DNA adjusts to your every stride.

Focusing on the most injury-prone part of the obese runner’s body, the guide rails holistic support system is there for painless, smooth running. Brooks is equally popular among celebrities for the style and comfort it offers. 

Well, the game is in the name. Running in these classic pair of shoes gives you a massive adrenaline rush. Despite your heavy body, you feel like you are flying.

One reviewer liked it so much that they said, “If there were a 6th star, I would give them that too!”


  • Stretchable and springy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Fast and streamlined.
  • Gives a Responsive feeling stride.


  • Some users complain of the bottom ripping off early.

We suggest making your feet happier with Brooks women’s adrenaline GTS 20.

5. NEW BALANCE Running Shoe


The heavy body is not an issue when running in a sleek pair of balanced sports shoes. As the name says itself, NEW BALANCE, WOMEN’S 840V4, running shoe focuses on giving you the steadiest and most stabilized running experience ever.

The upper, breathable mesh keeps the feet cool and dry while the inner lining is covered with an entire EVA Strobel board providing all the needed cushioning during the long run.

The lower part of the shoes is made like a rectangular shape that provides additional stability.

Being an obese woman, joint pain is a significant issue in your fitness journey, but not anymore, as NEW BALANCE 840VA comes with high arch support to run hours and hours on the concrete road without hurting your ankles or knees.

Furthermore, the non-tearable yet plushy rubber outsole and roomy toe box are worth mentioning qualities.

Due to all these highly demanding features, it’s among the top-selling running shoes for women on amazon, with more than 80% satisfied customers.


  • Wide toe box
  • Highly comfortable
  • Removable liner to use custom orthotics
  • True to size


  • Not so stylish
  • It May Cause little rubbing around the ankles

We think if you are looking for the top Shoes for the morbidly obese, NEW BALANCE surely deserves a chance to try out.

6. Under Armor Charged Women’s Assert 8


Charge up your heavy body to run miles and miles with 7 Under Armor Charged Women’s Assert 8 Running Shoe. The shoe does not compromise on comfort with its soft EVA sock liner.

Also, its unique 3D digital print completes your style statement. Moreover, it covers high-impact zones ensuring durability.

With Charged Assert 8, you will cherish your fitness walk without feeling tons of weight. The shoe is so lightweight that you will feel like a flying antelope while running.

Furthermore, the compression-molded foam reduces friction and irritation around the ankles. Also, its secure fitting does not let the foot bend due to its heavy body.

Do not think of emptying your wallets to buy the Best running shoes for overweight femalesCharged Assert 8 comes at a very affordable price. If you are looking for cheap neutral, responsive running shoes, 7 Under Armor must be your pick.


  • Very reasonable price.
  • Shaft measures low-top from arch.
  • Cushioned and responsive.
  • Perfectly bouncy.


  • The size may not be the same as yours.

Overall, it gives an impression of cute and comfy sneakers.