Top 7 Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel in 2022 – Review Guide

Many people struggle with tarsal tunnel syndrome, and the best non-medical way to deal with it is to wear comfortable footwear.

However, not every pair of shoes address this issue; even the wrong footwear can cause more pain in the foot. Good and comfortable shoes help to relieve pain. Therefore, it is necessary to use the proper footwear.

Luckily, many brands specially manufacture the best shoes for the tarsal tunnel. However, before reviewing the best pair of footwear, let’s first discuss what a tarsal tunnel is, its causes, and its treatment.

Also, at the bottom, I included buying guides like what things make a perfect shoe for tarsal tunnel syndrome or features you should check before choosing the proper footwear.

What is the Tarsal Tunnel?

The Tarsal Tunnel is a fibrous and bony structure in the ankle that acts as the passageway for nerves and vessels.

Pain and numbness in the foot, ankle, even fingers is called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome when you put extra pressure on a nerve in the ankle. Although it is a sporadic disease, you should be careful about it.


Symptoms of Tarsal tunnel are not the same in every patient. However, the pain in the feet while walking is the most common sign and some patients also feel a bit of burning.

The most common signs are:

  • Pain, swelling, and inflammation.
  • You feel a sudden electric shock when you touch the foot.
  • Feeling like someone was hitting a needle on my foot.
  • Burning underneath the foot.

Reason for Tarsal Tunnel

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a severe issue and varies from person to person. This can depend upon:

  • Reason for syndrome occurrence
  • Users’ profession
  • Time of standing or walking
  • Affordability
  • Instructions by orthopedic



Best Shoes for Tarsal Tunnel that Help to Relief Pain

1. Gravity Defyer Women Shoes

Gravity Defyer is designed to address common foot issues during walking, including ankles, knees, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and tarsal tunnel. There is verso shock technology in shoes that relieves the foot from pain.

People with sensitive skin often face irritation or allergy to feet. Thanks to a company that included a Seamless interior in shoes to prevent joint skin irritation.

Furthermore, it is also beneficial for diabetes patients because they develop sores in their feet, which is very painful.

 A removable insole can adjust according to the customer’s heel to give complete flexibility. You can set your desired arch support without compromising the product’s stability.

5.5mm inner forefoot foam provides total comfort for those struggling with plantar fasciitis as it provides proper cushioning to the ankle and heel.

Its undeniably inner design and meticulous arch support keep your joint protected and aligned while walking, making it the best walking boot for tarsal tunnel syndrome.


  • Perfectly fit.
  • Great pain relief provider.
  • Flexible.
  • Adjustable innersole.
  • Good arch support.  


  • It takes some time for adjustment, but when it does, it’s heaven.


2. Vionic Brisk Sneaker

Brisk Miles is going to be the new balance shoes for tarsal tunnel syndrome. The lightweight cushioning midsole with Advanced Motion System technology makes the user feel like they are running on clouds.

A good pair of shoes reflect a relaxed mind. People dealing with this problem face severe issues with their heels and ankles; even putting their foot on the floor results in a lot of discomfort.

The grip supported by the dual-layer mesh helps to balance and gradually lowers the joint pains.

 Many people face allergy and itching problems due to their shoes, but this sneaker works as an anti-itching agent; that provides you complete relaxation.

The easy-breezy design also helps prevent fungal foot diseases like Athlete’s foot. A removable Podiatrist-designed cushioned footbed with 1st Ray technology is one of the best shoe inserts for tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Long-standing jobs, workouts, walks, exercises, and dances are all made easy with this vinic manufacturer’s help. Women most often struggle with wrong shoe choices.

Selecting the wrong shoe for a long-term standing event leads to painful hours. Undoubtedly, Brisk Miles, as their name shows, stands out in such situations.


  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Great heel support
  • The wide width makes it bunion-free.


  • It takes a week or two for the user to get adjusted, but it’s a great feeling when it does.


3. Ryka Devotion Plus 2

Most women are more towards the look of shoes. They often decline comfort features. But Ryka women’s devotion to walking shoes is no doubt a complete package. ·It is specially designed to provide comfortable walking and running. Its four-way gradient design and bright outlook make its style more appealing and eye-catching.

Almost 80% of women suffer from osteoarthritis when they are near their 40s thus suffer from knee aches, joint pains, and tarsal tunnel syndrome. Most women need Tarsal tunnel night splints to get rid of the pain.

This product includes a  smooth Lycra-lined tongue and comfort collar with a built-in cushion that makes the foot comfortable. Cushioning and supporting heels ideally are excellent comfort in walking.

 Anatomical Precise-Return insole for extra arch and heel support helps take significant steps while keeping gait aligned for the painless walk session.

Trendy women opt for both style and ease. A healthy mind is in a healthy body that is possible with a good shoe choice like Ryka walking shoes.


  • Great for flat feet
  • Great cushioning
  • Decent support
  • Heel comfort


  • None


4. Skechers Ultra Flex Sneaker


Women with long-standing hour jobs, such as medical professionals, face long tiring days. And an uncomfortable shoe can cause a lot of problems. Therefore it is best to invest in a good pair of shoes if you’re pharmaceutical that will brighten your day.

These slip-on sketchers are great for women who have long-standing hour jobs—coping up very well with tarsal tunnel and sciatica-like pains. These types of pains ruin everything. 

Oh, it contains such an excellent grip like the lace-up shoes. Lightweight makes it feel like walking on clouds and enhances comfort innovations for trendy and stylish women.

Sweating is a common problem in shoes, and it is the leading cause of skin irritations. But shoes made with 100% textile make it skin-friendly.

This can also help in reducing foot odor. Sole flexibility makes walking easy and avoids sprains. A most attractive feature of these sketches is that they are very airy and provide an excellent effect on the foot.

No doubt, these prove to be the best shoes for the tarsal tunnel. Women who have to walk every day should select these for their many benefits.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible sole
  • Great support
  • Suitable for a broad foot
  • Cool effect
  • Easily washable


  • Laces could not be tightened


5. Skechers Sport Mule Sneaker

Struggling for a comfortable everyday use shoe pair is tiring. Slip-on Mule sketches are designed for sporty and active women that deal with busy schedules and manage everything very fast.

Usually, mules are thought to slip off the foot while walking, but these mule sneakers are a great fit and don’t come off quickly.

Moreover, the ledge is very comfortable and does not cause any irritation on the backside of the foot while walking.

Its Memory foam provides such excellent cushioning that it is better than orthotics for the tarsal tunnel problem. Vast foot space is perfect for Hammertoes and Tailor bunions condition. Providing a great fit without laces is a plus point.

Time-saving as no need to tie or untie laces and good to go for long walks and even picnics. Rubber soles don’t let anyone slip on floors, and 1 1\4 inch built-in heels add comfort and quality.

However, it doesn’t come in a variety of colors, usually black, grey, and white


  • Great fit
  • No laces tension
  • Good to go
  • Airy
  • Time-saving


  • Less variety of colors.


6. Men’s 680v6 Running Shoe

Athletes have to spend their whole day standing and practicing under the sun. New balance, as the name indicates these are specifically created to provide a perfect balance for athletes.

Men’s 680v6 Running shoe is an improved version of 680 that is excellent footwear with a wide range of features.

 680v6 contains ABZORB cushioning, which is a mixture of compression set and foam, providing excellent comfort for heels, especially for tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Some Athletes suffer from this problem more often because there is a lot of pressure on their heels.

That is why they are said to be Men’s shoes for the tarsal tunnel. NB response 2.0 performance inserts provide all-day supportive comfort, and the rubber sole helps grip the floor, adding friction in grip and better traction support.

Lightweight cushioning provides an excellent feeling for all-day training sessions.

Athletes want lightweight, airy, comfortable, heel-friendly shoes, and these Men’s 690v6 cushion running shoes are a complete package for athletes. Champions own a great pair of shoes. They can win the trophy.


  • Heel support and cushioning
  • Anti-slip due to rubber sole
  • Athlete friendly


  • None

7. ASICS GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe


No one can stop a devoted woman. Confidence comes in a perfect shoe pair. The fifth version of GEL-venture running shoes has many attractive outlooks for women depicting their colorful dedicated personalities.

These are specially designed for women who love to travel and explore different terrains. A good pair of shoes can lead to new ways. Travelling needs to be comfortable at any cost. 

The gel cushioning system provides shock-proof movement in the uneven landscape. They are also keeping it more gripping with the help of a trail-specific outsole with multi-surface traction.

Women are more likely to face muscle issues. Therefore, rubber soles provide a good grip. High abrasion is excellent for walking on rocky lands.

These incredible features increase the shoe life even after using it in harsh environments. These shoes come with removable sock liners that can be replaced with an orthotic.

This way, cleaning is accessible from the inside. And also, it becomes convenient for tarsal tunnel syndrome and backache as well. These shoes make you unstoppable.


  • Environment friendly
  • Great gripping


  • Not waterproof.


FAQs About Tarsal Tunnel 

Can shoes cause tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Yes, Tight and hard shoes can sometimes cause tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Should you walk with tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by swelling and inflammation, and excessive movement is also one of the causes. So, walking avoids exercises that can worsen the issue.

Are Hoka shoes suitable for the tarsal tunnel?

If shoes are equipped with comfortable and super cushioning insoles and reduce the movements of joints, then they can be good.

Final Words:

Obesity is widespread these days, which is one of the most predictable reasons for the Tarsal tunnel. Pressure on nerves due to weight can lead to problematic situations.

Diabetic sores in the foot, osteoporosis, and many such diseases start as the age increases; thus, Gravity Defyer Pain Relief Walking Shoes will be great in such situations.

Women and athletes are more likely to develop tarsal tunnel syndrome. Athletic activities are more likely to focus on practicing instead of having the mind stuck on shoe issues.

A relaxed mind can concentrate better and work wonders. Men’s 680v6 Shoes are made for champions.

Walking is one of the best physical activities one can opt for. Comfortable shoes can add a great walking experience. Relaxed walk results in a happy mind, and Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Slip-On Mule Sneaker

Many medical professionals, chefs, shopkeepers, gym trainers, etc., are standing all day long. This situation can cause swollen feet if not wearing proper shoes. Travelers are also moving all the time.

They hardly get to have an appropriate stay once a day. Vionic Women’s Brisk r and Skechers Ultra Flex Salutations are perfect for the long days providing great space for feet and comfortable sole for the ankle, helping to cure tarsal tunnel-like problems.

Keeping in mind the features of tarsal tunnel syndrome, one can select shoes from the variety of shoes explained above.

Every pro and con is being defined elaborately, and anyone can be a great pick by keeping in mind the need and utility of the person.